World Cup eating

In the spirit of the World Cup I think it’s my duty to taste the cuisine served at the stadiums at the games I go to. Whether it’s a boerie, braaied chicken outside ellis park or chops at Soccer City.

Watch this space! I wonder if they have bunny chows at Moses Mabhida stadium…hmmm

So what do the Fifa VIPs eat at the game?
Well they have almost identical menus at all the stadiums across the country and a staple on the menu is Bobotie in any form they can serve it, plain bobotie or variations think almond laced bobotie or bobotie spring rolls. Needless to say I don’t eat any of it, seems too recycled for me although I know they wouldn’t fly the Soccer City left overs from Johannesburg to Moses Mabhida in Durban.

But really what it is showing is that the caterers are trying to increase their profits wherever they can after all bobotie really is a mince dish – no prime cuts there!

Other staples are:

  • variations of roast vegetables
  • morrocan rice with raisin aka yellow rice with raisins (Bobotie, yellow rice i sense a trend)
  • stuffed morrocan lamb
  • a chicken dish
  • a roast
The dessert always features a chocolate fountain and various other little desserts which are forgettable. Then a cheese platter that features a Gruyere, Blue, Camembert and a Cream cheese
So I guess it beats a boerewors roll or hotdog but will it beat a braaied chop and a piece of chicken from the mamas outside Soccer City?
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