Woolworths Cook with friends

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Mystery box

I received a challenge from Woolworths a couple of weeks ago to take up the Chicken Tapas Platter challenge on their new ‘Cook with friends’ app available on Apple and Android. This box arrived at my doorstep one evening and in it was the recipe for the Chicken Tapas platter, all I needed to do was download the app and find three friends who are up for the challenge. I challenged my boyfie Bradley, friends Robyn (of Befrok Vintage) and Donovan to join me and all they needed to do was download the app and for us to schedule a day which was this past Sunday.

The recipes are based on Masterchef SA episodes and a new challenge is put forward every second week. We teamed up in my kitchen, yes you can’t believe how small a kitchen gets when you have four people each with their own station in it.

Bradley busying with stuffed chicken wings

Bradley busying with stuffed chicken wings


Robyn on the teriyaki skewers and Donovan salt and peppering chicken drumsticks

Bradley made the stuffed chicken wings served with date and beetroot raita. Donovan the salt and pepper drumsticks with a sesame dipping sauce. Robyn the chicken skewers with carrot pickle. I was on chicken kofta served with coconut and pineapple chutney. All you need do to get the recipe is download the Woolworths Cook with Friends app. Every one gets to film 10 seconds of their process in App and then the Woolworths app team turn it into a video.

I do have a few tips:

  1. Print out the recipe
  2. Put your phone into flight mode just before you start shooting the video because if it rings as mine did mid video all is lost and you have to submit a half baked video.

Here are a few pics of our end result, served with pita, hummus, olives and sundried rosa tomatoes. Robyn brought in some martini blanco which she poured over crushed ice and squeezed wedges of fresh limes into, it’s delicious! It really was a great way to share the Sunday lunch load with friends. There is also a competition for the group with the best video see details here.

Chicken Tapas Platter

Chicken Tapas Platter (Photo credit Donovan Goliath)

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Chicken tapas platter


Paired with Martini Blanco over crushed ice and fresh limes

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