Tipple Tuesday – Martini Bianco on the rocks

I discovered this Vermouth drink from my friend Robyn, she brought it over when we did the Woolworths Cook with Friends challenge (read all about it here). I was a skeptic at first because Robyn is a vodka on the rocks with a squeeze of lime kinda girl, I alas am not I appreciate a good chaser. So when Robyn first brought this aperitif in I wasn’t sold, not purely because of her vodka on the rocks taste. Also the sight of Martini conjures images of James Bond and those hardly palatable shaken straights finished with a green olive or pickled onion. And as a gin lover I have always blamed my dislike for a Martinis on the vermouth.

Needless to say this little drinkie had a lot to prove.

The Martini Bianco is a white (in colour) vermouth that is ever so slightly sweet, with a delicate floral undertone. Once again this cocktail is one of those three ingredients numbers, Martini Bianco, fresh limes and crushed ice. It is important that you use fresh limes, the citrus isn’t too tart and balances the sweetness and that slight aniseed flavour of the vermouth without overpowering it the way a lime cordial would. It also adds that distinctly fragrant lime layer.

Simply served with lime on the rocks it’s a refreshing no fuss tipple that’s perfect to pair with tapas on a hot summer’s day.

Martini Bianco on ice

Martini Bianco on ice

Martini Bianco tipple

Martini Bianco tipple


  • Martini Bianco
  • Fresh limes
  • Crushed ice

Method: Serves 1

  • Chill your glass with ice cubes (I used a martini glass but you can also use a lowball glass) and discard the ice cubes once the glass is sufficiently chilled
  • Crush about six ice cubes and add to glass
  • Add 3 caps (yes the Martini Bianco bottle cap) of Bianco
  • Slice limes into quarters and squeeze two quarters of lime juice into glass and swirl
  • Top with a lime wedge


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