Talking Istanbul and red lipstick with Rachel Khoo

In person, Rachel is just what you’d expect after watching her show. Composed, friendly with an infectious smile and oh so funny wearing her signature red lipstick. Cookbook author, in English and French, yes one of her French books is exclusively about Granola. Star of her wonderful Rachel Khoo series; Little Paris Kitchen, Kitchen Notebook:London and her newest edition Kitchen Notebook: Cosmopolitan Cook.

Thando and Rachel Khoo
She was in Johannesburg a little while ago to give the Cosmopolitan Kitchen a little press and set up her very own Cosmopolitan pop-up kitchen at the 2014 Delicious Festival. I had the honour of joining a round table with Miss Khoo and asked two very important questions, don’t judge me I’m a serious foodie ok!
T: What colour is you red lipstick?
R: Either M.A.C Red Russian, Tom Ford Cherry Lush and Bobbi Brown Red Carpet
T: What stood out for you in Istanbul, one of my favourite cities that was featured in your Cosmopolitan Kitchen?
R: The street food culture and the use offal like lamb intestines stuffed with sweetbreads then fried in herbs.
When talking about the link between art and food Rachel says “It’s good to look beyond food. Find you inspiration beyond food.”
Catch Rachel Khoo: Cosmopolitan Cook Tuesdays 21:00 – 21:30 on BBC Lifestyle till the end of July. Repeats are on Saturdays, so you can still catch up!
“What’s great about food is that it’s a great door opener. You can travel with food” – Rachel Khoo

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