Takeaway Chronicles: Lucky Moo

I write this on an extremely full stomach and with a satisfied smile after a quick lunchtime excursion to Lucky Moo in Parkhurst. Having just today decided to do takeaway chronicles, I decided that the first should definitely be on Chinese because in my household most often than not it’s chinese or asian and followed closely by nandos.

Off I went from Rivonia rd in Sandton, only calling Lucky Moo to place my order after I had passed Sandton City. Thanks for calling Lucky Moo how can I help you? I’d like to place a takeaway order of Mushroom chicken with noodles! How long will that take I ask? 5-10minutes, to which I say give me an extra five to get there. The Mushroom Chicken is marinated boneless chicken strips tossed in the wok with Chinese mushrooms, broccoli, onions and a sprinkling of Chinese five spice.
 I’m greeted by a bright, fairly busy Lucky Moo with two tables occupied and three people waiting for orders, if only they had my foresight. My order is ready and waiting in its brown bag, oh yeah! Fast and efficient just the way I like it. Now all I have to do is make my way back to the office. My takeaway is riding shotgun and the drive is filled with the wonderful earthy aroma of Chinese mushroom. I can’t wait! I have to admit I even contemplate pulling over to sneak a taste. A 15 minute drive back to the office, I put my hand over ever so often for a temperature check and we’re still good.

Shotgun Noodles
I open my box, up comes some steam and I’m wow-ed by the amount they put in there, it’s chock-a-block. The aroma that comes to the fore is a combination of cinnamon and nutmeg, must be the five spice. My enthusiasm meant that I may or may not have got some sauce on my forehead (attack the noodles in the box with care) and ended with a drop, lucky me only a drop, of sauce on my light linen pants.
The broccoli, carrots, green beans and onions all crunchy! The Chinese mushrooms are soft, juicy with a vinegary taste at first. The noodles are the normal egg noodles and yum yum coated in the sauce. For a takeaway it is surprisingly unsalty- is that a word but you get what I mean. Overall it’s a slightly sweet dish with light soya flavour, oh so satisfying although next time I will ask them to add a little bit of chilli, because I do like it SPICY!
At first I doubted my ability to get to the bottom of the box, but I’ve come to realise there is never need for self-doubt. The noodles are a man size portion and great value for R38, but I have a man size stomach that hummed nom nom nom! All that was left was the dark gravy like sauce.

Will be back to Lucky Moo to try the rest of their menu including the sushi. So all I can say is if you’re in Jozi lucky me, lucky you, Lucky Moo

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