Takeaway Chronicles: Chicken Licken hotwings

These are my favourite takeaway chicken wings *waaaaangs*

Chicken Licken came up with a winning formula when they made these spicy little winglets. Spicy, salty, crispy winglets that are tender and perfectly cooked on the inside. The winglets are coated in a light SPICY batter & deep fried to perfection

Friends of mine also swear by them as a hangover cure, hotwings with soul fire hot sauce (you pay extra for a sachet of the sauce) and a stoney. It may look like it but I didn’t have a hangover I just love the hotwings and stoney combination.

If unlike myself you feel shameful going into a Chicken Licken fear not, they have fly thrus (drive thru). Thank me later!

Chicken Licken
The Mall of Rosebank (Warning they tend to run out of hotwings often so call ahead)
011 447 8146

Rivonia Road (has a fly thru)
7th Ave, just off Rivonia Rd
011 234 9607

Best for: Hotwings

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