Spier Secret Festival

Last year I set myself two goals in the food space

  1. To do more speaker engagements – as a build up to the TEDx piece I have floating around in my head.
  2. To attend the Spier Secret Festival 29 – 31 October 2015, the annual food and wine event focusing on ethical production, sustainable practices and trends

Spier Secret Festival Food and Wine Conference

This year has shown me that the universe/higher power, whatever you call it based on your belief system, conspires with you and makes manifest of what you truly want and put out to the world. So a few months ago I received an email that was so exciting it scared me, I said as much on social media too – for those who follow me on twitter.

Following my candid Q&A session on the business of food at the Street Food Festival 2015 in (I put it on your radar here) the organising team Studio H casually asked if I’d be interested in MCing the Spier Secret Food and Wine Conference (somebody say scream!). Of course I said Yes.

The universe put two of my goals in one and in just over a week my 2nd food driven speaker engagement in 2015 and the Spier Secret Festival – thank you! I hope to see you there, if not wish me luck!

You can get details to the:

  • Food and Wine conference held on Friday 30th October here
  • The Spier Werf market, showcases the full range of Spier’s wines and hosts some of the region’s best small producers, bakers, street food vendors, food trucks and restaurants, on Saturday 31 October here
  • The Spier Secret Dinner food movie nights on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th October here – alas it’s already sold out.

You can buy tickets to either of these at Webtickets here

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