Sharing Sunday – The Counter burgers & Origin coffee

Growing up the Sunday ritual was a family lunch at home, it was time we used to touch base at the end of the week. Because my parents were quite busy during the week, this was the one day that allowed for some dedicated family time. We still have family lunch at my parents’ most Sundays but I have also developed a ritual of my own. The boyfie is doing his MBA which means we don’t have too much time left between work and studies, so we have a Sharing Sunday where particularly during exam or assignment season we spend Sunday morning together. Usually we head to Market on Main and grab a burger to share from The Counter which we have over a coffee at Origin Coffee Roasting in Maboneng.

The Counter burger with bacon and creme fraiche

The Counter burger with bacon and creme fraiche


The Counter serves up one of the best burgers in Joburg, why you ask?

  • The burger to bun ratio is perfect 80% burger patty 20% fresh bun
  • Well seasoned burger patty sometimes herby depending on the topping
  • Bacon, their burgers always have bacon!
  • The experimental sauce toppings: blue cheese or creme fraiche, which has a secret sweet ingredient I’m still to put my finger on.

To be honest we almost always also buy a treat from The Counter too, gooey chocolate brownies or fudge or their homemade marshmallows.

Origin Coffee Roasting is adjacent to Market on Main and is a quiet haven that gives space to have a conversation and the coffee isn’t too shabby at all. Also they super welcoming and because they don’t serve food they don’t mind that we bring in our own burger.

Outside Origin Coffee Roasting Maboneng

Outside Origin Coffee Roasting Maboneng


The Sharing Sunday mornings give us time to connect over the things we love, food and coffee in the heart of Joburg. Happy Sharing Sunday to you all!

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