Only a day left to try Basil Mcbeefy at Col’Cacchio

As October draws to a close I have to say I am going to miss this tasty pizza the Basil Mcbeefy, by chef Jodi-Ann Pearton, which is the October pizza in the Col’Cacchio’s celebrity chef series pizzas. The celebrity chef series is a gourmet charity challenge that donates R5 from every Celebrity Chef series pizza sold to the Children’s Hospital Trust to fund a paediatric rehabilitation programme at St Joseph’s for Chronically Ill Children.

Thanks to the good people at Col’Cacchio I got to try the Basil Mcbeefy which is a pizza topped with beef short rib slow cooked in red wine, veg and herbs, mozzarella, red chilli and crispy basil leaves. This pizza is wholesome and heartwarming, it’s stew on a pizza, a combination that can make any day better.

It’s the essence of comfort a tasty stew on a crispy pizza crust with a sip of the well matched Place in the Sun Shiraz you’ll feel like all that’s missing is your couch and the telly.

The slow cooked short rib has an intense meaty flavour with a sticky sauce and just the right amount of chilli served on a crisp puffed up pizza base with pop of crispy basil. I have to say the chilli and beef combination absolutely makes the dish. The boyfie ordered a glass of the recommended pairing Place in the Sun Shiraz and in the end I had to order myself one because it was so delicious with the pizza, it stands up particularly well against the chilli.

So if you’re planning a pizza night this week, well today or tomorrow I’d say try the Basil Mcbeefy, it’s a great pizza for a good cause. I tried it at the Col’cacchio in the Hyde Park shopping centre and they delivered friendly, attentive service as well. I have also had it as a take away to enjoy on the couch and it’s just as delicious at home.

See details of the Col’Cacchio Celebrity Chef series here and if this month was anything to go by I look forward to November’s pizza by Chef Rudi Liebenberg.

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