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Little Paris KitchenI read a recipe book as I do a novel, first page to last before I even attempt any of the recipes.  I even take recipe book when I travel, it’s well worth its weight. Just before my last trip I was sent The Little Paris Kitchen, and I have to say it made for good in flight reading. It’s a friendly introduction into Parisian cooking taking the mystery and a lot of stress out of the idea of French food.

The thing I love about Rachel is that she’s her authentic self on her shows and in her book, as she is in person!

You can see my post on meeting Rachel here

The Little Paris Kitchen, Rachel Khoo’s classic French recipes with a fresh and simple approach. It starts with Rachel’s story of pursuing her dream of studying patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu and welcomes us into her tiny Paris Kitchen. Yes there are even pictures of her actual Paris kitchen.

She starts with the everyday Parisian approach to food and eating, simplicity and savoir faire. My favourite recipe of her Everyday Cooking is the Salad de figues et foies de volailles which is Fig and chicken liver salad, an unusual combination for me but so obvious because they are two ingredients I love. Although snacking isn’t the done thing in France with the exception of le gouter, afternoon tea, so Rachel does include a few sweet and savoury snack recipes including Madeleines with lemon curd. I could go on and on.

There are Summer Picnic, Aperitif recipes along with recipes for occasions like dinner with friends and family. It also covers french basics, including veloute, stocks, Les Emulsions, Rouxs; white, blonde and brown. And as a bonus for a traveling foodie Rachel shares her regular spots such as a chocolatier and a Vietnamese restaurant, so this book really is great Parisian travel companion.

I look forward to trying her lemon & lavender chicken and her Boeuf bourguignon avec des quenelles de baguettes which is Burgundy beef with baguette dumplings.

Carry on

Travel carry on

Happy Reading!

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