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I’m in the process of discovering the bond between food and language in Savour. Savour is a collaboration between Marc Hirschowitz (Events extraordinaire), Karen Alsfine (Creative writer come creative cook), and Estelle Sacharowitz (Cuisine concocter). Each chapter is named a descriptive word that is meant to yield a emotional feeling associated with the recipes in that chapter. Wakey Wakey covers breakfast items, I immediately imagine a soft boiled egg with toast soldiers dipped in. Sip, oh yeah sippy sippy enough said, it covers drinks.

Savour offers recipes that cover almost every occasion. It’s great for a first time cook looking for clear direction  with progression from homemade burgers to crepe suzette. Equally useful for a foodie like myself looking for an inspiration directory.

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The chapter that captured me at first perusal is the STORE chapter. The items are “reserved for future use” like jams, pickles, cordials, mustards and marinated mushrooms. I guess this chapter speaks to me because I’d love to be forever young & preserved in a sweet, sour, salty solution. (I know morbid much)

Oh and it looks absolutely smashing on a coffee table. Happy reading!

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