Just received a recipe book as a gift it has recipes on Mexican summer treats called Paletas: Authentic recipes for Mexican Ice Pops,Shaved Ice & Aguas Frescas by Fany Gerson. Perfect timing for summer treat fun.

I’ve perused the book and first on my must try list are the Paletas de Fresa. Strawberry paletas, which I will be making as ice cubes. The ice cubes will be perfect in a Moscow Mule. Can’t wait! Here’s the recipe for the strawberry paletas http://www.cravebyrandomhouse.ca/2012/07/04/paletas-de-fresa-strawberry-ice-pops/ The book also has interesting combinations like Spicy Mango Paletas and Avocado paletas, I love guac so this is like the frozen version without nachos right?!

I may have to get the Zoku pop maker too!

Courtesy:  http://www.zokuhome.com/pages/products-quickpop-maker 

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