Odd Cafe’s low tea

I spent a warm Sunday indulging in low tea at Odd Cafe in Greenside about two weeks ago. Why not high tea I asked and was told as per it’s name Odd Cafe like to do things slightly differently, so low tea at 15:00 it was. Led through the usual cafe, down the stairs into the lovely back nook where a buffet tea was served at low tables (by low I mean not a dining room table).

The Menu
Courtesy: http://oddcafe.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/the-oddcafelowtea-menu/

The Spread

The matcha green tea cake, which to the disappointment of certain patrons was not green due to mary-jane. It was a light and fluffy chiffon cake but didn’t have a distinct green tea flavour. Although I have to say I enjoyed the green jelly that topped the cake. Odd Cafe is right on trend for 2012 using Matcha green tea as an ingredient, perhaps a tad more in the cake mix next time.

The luminous green is the matcha green tea cake

Also the bruschetta base of the tapas royale was tooth chipping hard.

The low tea feature sangria con rooibos, it was super yum and well balanced. One of the best Sangria’s I’ve tasted. Caramel slices with a sprinkling of pink salt – sublime! The pineapple & purple carrot was lovely, moist, flavourful and not overly sweet with signature cream cheese icing.

Pineapple & purple carrot cake

The turkish delights were also made from scratch – I love that

The star of the tea were definitely the scones with the non-traditional preserves. I highly recommend the apple jam although the beetroot & plum was a treat along with the naranja jam. A scone with a spreading of apple jam, a dollop of cream and a sprinkling of chocolate soil – what more could you want for?!
Scones & truffles

Overall it was a lovely afternoon filled with creativity and great service, thanks to the hands on owner Christina and her team. I thoroughly enjoyed concocting my own tea flavours as well as conversations with the adjacent tables. Nothing quite draws an afternoon to a close as the chocolate and tamarind truffle did – rich, ever so slightly bitter and tart! 

Odd Cafe

116 Greenway  Johannesburg 2193
011 486 3631


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