Current coffice favourites

I have been freelancing for a couple of months now, mostly working from home and sometimes I do get cabin fever and side tracked by the fridge, tv distraction combo. So my friend Robyn-Leigh and I decided that once a week we’ll meet up at a Coffice to get out and be super productive. It’s funny how productive you can be just by having someone sit across the table from you.

Coffice: Half coffee shop, half office. Must have reliable wifi!

We initially thought that we’d try different places but we tend to meet up at the same places. Here are my current favourites:

  1. Croft & Co. in Parkview for a cortado to go with the free wifi of course. It’s my favourite because it’s cosy laid back and adult with the wood and black tones creating a warm feeling that matches the service. There’s an early morning and lunch time bustle but other than that it’s a pretty quiet place to work from. It’s a good all day spot to work from with good breakfast and lunch options.

    Croft and Co

    Cortado at Croft and Co

  2. Warm & Glad on Jan Smuts in Craighall used to be our go to spot, I’m writing from here right now, but we decided to diversify because Robyn would struggle to connect to her email on certain days. Warm & Glad is clean cool with the light wood, whites and army green palette. I prefer to sit at the long table in the bookstore section of Warm and Glad, it’s slightly more peaceful with fewer people chatting but you still get the ambience of the eclectic soundtrack. It’s an all day workstation favourite because their menu has you covered with breakfast, sandwiches, small plates and salads.

    Posted at the long table in Warm & Glad

    Posted at the long table in Warm & Glad

  3. Motherland Coffee Co either in Rosebank or Dunkeld West for a flat white and 2 hours per drink wifi. These are freelancer hubs and can get quite busy for those of us who aren’t chained to one desk. What is great about Motherland is that mostly everyone adheres to unspoken house rules like using their inside voice.

    Corner seat in Motherland Rosebank

    Corner seat in Motherland Rosebank

  4. Happy.Me in either Greenside or Rosebank Mall, I frequent the Rosebank Mall Happy Me most and t’s not all bubbe tea they also serve good Tribeca coffee. If you don’t mind working to a few R’nB tunes then Rosebank Mall is good spot for a vanilla latte, but there is construction in the mall still so there is a buzz that picks up at times. Greenside store is light and airy which is great if you just need a moment to get out and breath.

    Corner table at Happy Me Rosebank Mall

    Corner table at Happy Me Rosebank Mall

5. If you’re looking for to download and reply to emails over breakfast pastry and a coffee try Doppio Zero Rosebank. Sit upstairs which is quiet and has a view of the Firs courtyard, for those people watchers. The wifi is a 3 step process to get onto but once you’re on you can download emails quickly enough. Currently they have a breakfast pastry special that lets you add on a hot beverage for R10. This breakfast bun and coffee cost me R25.

Morning bun & a coffee at Doppio Zero Rosebank

Morning bun & a coffee at Doppio Zero Rosebank

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