My 22Seven: New Year, New Habits

I am glad I embarked on this journey with 22Seven and becoming more conscious of my financial habits good and bad.  22Seven is the tool that aggregates all of your financial information in one place safely (read about 22Seven security here) and for free. 2015 is all about continuing to be more financially mindful. Knowing exactly where I stand financially real time (not just a general idea), spending on the things that matter and big savings.

unnamed-6These are my 22Seven highlights:

1. Money Month – It has a great visual of everything, without me having to create a budget on an excel spreadsheet.  The “Money Month” on 22Seven is exactly that, it shows your monthly transactions categorised Income (Money In) and Expense (Money Out), Daily and Recurring, as well as sub-categorised. Transactions are automatically sub-categorised such as Home Utility & Service, Personal Care, Vehicle Expense, Investments, Eating out & Take Out etc.

You can also personalise it by setting your money month, mine is calendar month. It also allows you to create your own categories such as Jozi Foodie Fix, where I track all my blog related income and expenses.


2. The Accounts tab

Immediately, gives you a view of your overall financial standing; Net Value, what you have less what you owe and also based on your accounts shows you what you can borrow. Although my aim is to get off the borrowing train, yes put that credit card down! even if it you get eBucks/ Greenbacks with every swipe.

3. Helps you focus on your goals – 2015 is about Saving big!

Under the money month 22Seven there’s an Invest-save-repay transaction category that shows your Savings, Investments, Bond and Car repayments. Visual display of how you’re sowing seeds for the rich harvest. This year I have a big project that I will be setting a savings goal for so this is going to be my go-to tab to track my progress.


Lastly, but not nearly least is the Blog run by the Svens.

4. 22Seven Blog This is a great resource for tips on how to use 22Seven more efficiently, to see how others use 22Seven, it also gives general financial ideas and challenges. I am scared yet tempted to try the thirty day no-money challenge (see the final round up details of the challenge on the 22Seven blog here)

Try out 22Seven here and let me know what you think

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