My 22Seven: I’m a binge spender!

I have been using 22Seven, the tool that aggregates all my financial information in one place, for a few months now and it has been helpful in getting me to understand my financial patterns. You know saving, spending and day to day habits. See my first thoughts on it here

We went on holiday to Seychelles the second week of January and that’s when #my22Seven helped me realise that

I am a binge spender


I am really good at maintaining my spending when it’s business as usual, especially now that I’m an entrepreneur and putting everything into the business (Zwipit). Now back to my binge-spending, so I was asked by Elle (South Africa) online what my summer essentials are in their #myfestiveseason piece see here. I was asked what’s in my beach bag and what are my summer must haves, all of which I had on hand part of my wardrobe and beauty cupboard  before going on holiday. No additional spending necessary.

ELLE EXCERPT “In your beach bag this summer?  The staples; sunscreen, wide brim hat, Classic Ray Ban Aviators, a moleskin notebook along with a couple of glossies and a book. The God of Small Things is back on my summer reading list. I’ve started it once before but never completed.Beauty must-haves for the summer season? Marc Jacobs Daisy, sunscreen, DCT lip balm, MAC lipstick in Rebel, Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner, Morrocan Oil and coconut water.”

Yet I still managed to spend just over R3,000 to get ready for the holiday, on what you ask.

  1. Holiday reads: DVF The woman I wanted to be (so worth it!) and Lena Dunham Not that kind of girl (hilarious!)
  2. A little beach body grooming
  3. Havaianas (no I didn’t have any before)
  4. Sun hat and tote bag from Country Road (both not on sale)
  5. Pichulik flower zigzag neckpiece

This one example confirms I’m a binge spender, give me a theme and I will find a something to buy that at the time seemed like a must have to make the occasion perfect. Oh the search for perfection! 22Seven app, I use it mostly on my mobile, has helped me consciously acknowledge my patterns. I’m not saying I’ll never splurge again but acknowledgement is the first step.

What patterns have 22Seven shown you?

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