Must have: Onion Marmalade

This weekend I realised, after running out of it, that Onion marmalade has become one of the most used and loved item in our pantry. Why you ask? It has that balance of flavour that  we all crave; the savoury, sweet deep caramelised onion flavour.

Although it’s exterior probably does not look as appealing, as it is to a foodie like myself who likes all things preserve, it is a gem in the kitchen.
  1. Great accompaniment for beef, lamb and pork
  2. Uplifts most left overs, especially roast beef sandwiches with rocket and tomato
  3. Cheese accompaniment, camembert or brie and even a cheddar
  4. Adds a depth of sweetness to salad dressings – olive oil, balsamic, mustard, salt, pepper and teaspoon of onion marmalade
  5. Topping cheese tartlets
Do yourself a favour and get some onion marmalade, it’s stocked at your nearest Woolies
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