Loving – Le Creuset whistling kettle

I have just moved into my new apartment, all I could offer you right now is a cup of tea or coffee and a choc chip cookie. The first thing I did after unpacking was buy tea, coffee, milk and sugar. I could finally unwrap my Le Creuset traditional whistling kettle which I had bought on sale in December already. Hearing the whistle as the water boilt it was worth the wait for sure!

It’s my favourite item in my kitchen at the moment. I chose the 2.1l traditional kettle in flame because I’m fiery and I drink more than my fair share of tea. English breakfast tea to be precise.

Now for the specs; it’s super sturdy, suitable for all heat sources including gas, ceramic and halogen.Oh and the handle moves to allow for easy refilling and cleaning.

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Hi I'm Thando Creator of the Jozi Foodie Fix, traveller, foodwriter, ramen lover, strategist, entrepreneur and follower of the Cool based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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