Life: Make sure it inspires

This past weekend was filled with much needed quality time with myself, I have been feeling exhausted of late and it’s only MARCH! I have that October exhaustion feeling, so I decided to consciously switch off, focus on cleansing, recharging and clarity.

I started of by buying myself a beautiful bunch of yellow & coral blend tulips at Dunkeld Fruit and Flowers on the way home from work on Friday. Tulips are my favourite flower varieties, so much so on my first trip to Amsterdam I went to visit Keukenhof tulip park.

I spent the time in the comfort of my apartment catching up on reading, watching a little bit of telly and enjoying the Jozi storms. No woman is a silo so I did spend a few hours with friends, conversations over a cup of tea and breakfasts. As part of the cleansing I drank lots of lemon water, because it was chilly I opted for hot water with lemon, ate a bunch of fruit and of course treated myself to decadent Valrhona Noir Orange it’s 64% dark chocolate with bits of orange nougat. I always have printable inspirational cards that around as uplifting reinforcers, reminders of my goals and aspirations.

My Sunday morning read The Economist featured the obituary of Naty Revuelta, Havana socialite and for a time Fidel Castro’s mistress, who died February 27th aged 89. They had a daughter Alina and although after their dalliance he did not communicate with her, she still supported the movement and government. “And yet as before she would help in other ways, for her love for Fidel was unaltered by his behaviour.” excerpt from The Economist Obituary: Naty Revuelta: For love of Fidel The image of Naty casually holding her cigarette and black coffee in a tiny cup took me back to our time in Havana, encapsulating the city that feels like a casual, weathered old friend devoid of bitterness who is just living!

It is a serendipitous reminder to stay on course, continue on towards my goals and live!

Your LIFE is your message to the world. Make sure it INSPIRES! – Lauren Conrad

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetLooking for it (order from top clockwise)

Citrus: Dunkeld Fruit and Flowers, corner Jan Smuts Avenue and Bompas Road Dunkeld Johannesburg

Tulips: Dunkeld Fruit and Flowers, corner Jan Smuts Avenue and Bompas Road

Mug: Le Creuset

The Economist: Subscribe here or read for free in an Exclusive Books

Valrhona Noir Manjari Orange: La Marina Foods, Modderfontein Johannesburg

Inspirational printables: The Pretty Blog

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