Juiced Co 5 day juice cleanse

I have had a particularly trying two weeks and have to say have not been feeling myself, quite fatigued which does not bode well as I head toward my 32nd birthday. I felt like I need to shake up my routine and change something, even if it’s just a tiny adjustment, as a point that I can choose to change the status quo and still achieve my goals. It’s in this frame of mind that I decided to begin the five day I’m getting married juice cleanse by Juiced Co.  Aptly named cleanse now that I’m engaged but not the reason I’m on it.  It is in fact an idea that resulted from Nicki Dadic’s instagram post (see it here).

This is my first juice cleanse EVER and as I begin to write this post on day 2, I feel like I should’ve started with a 3 day cleanse instead. It’s been a high impact, high stress week with no caffeine and I’m a mild caffeine addict but as I type this line I have finished the 5 day cleanse and I feel GOOD.

It consists of 5 juices a day, 2 herbal teas and a ginger wheatgrass shot. On top of that I drink my daily intake of lemon water, hot because of the winter chill. I ordered online late on Sunday night, collected my box from the Juiced Co. store in Braamfontein on Tuesday morning and then put all the juices in the freezer. You defrost your juices for the following day in the fridge overnight – easy peasy. In winter you can defrost them in cold water in the sink overnight.

Overall it was a good experience albeit testing my willpower and need to chew. I wasn’t tired during the day at all and I felt satisfied and wasn’t hungry once. I also happened to shed about two kilos in the week without a bit of exercise because the week was that hectic. It also achieved the objective which was shaking up the routine of the week, it also supported the busy week because a meal was an arm’s reach into my cooler bag.

Day 1 Well surprisingly I’m not hungry at all in fact I’m quite satisfied.

Day 2, I couldn’t finish two of my juices they each had two sips left. But I do miss chewing, well eating as I know it and CRUNCH well texture. I’m even started to wonder if I have a mild oral fixation that’s how much I miss chewing and I hadn’t reached the halfway mark. I also missed savoury and salt specifically, like a tiny piece of droewors. The Boost juice is all veggies so it is savoury but doesn’t give the satisfaction that seasoning does.

Day 3  Easy and I totally got into the swing of it. Although started an hour late because my juices weren’t thoroughly defrosted in the morning.

Day 4 A Friday so that night was a bit challenging not pouring a glass of wine or G&T when I got home from work but instead pouring a Nurture beet based juice.

Day 5 was a Saturday and it was TOUGH because we socialise around food and drinks with friends on the weekend. These are my Juiced Saturday pics, spending the morning reading in bed with a Dare, mid morning bath shopping with a Recharge and afternoon reading the latest Elle magazine SA with Rihanna on the cover and listening to her BBHMM. At the end of day 5 I skipped my last juice and had a full dinner and one drink. I tried!

Juiced Co Dare cold pressed Juice & The thing around your neck

Juiced Co Recharge cold pressed juice and  V&A bath catalogue

Juiced Co Radiat cold pressed juice & Elle SA Magazine

Perks of the cleanse

  • No meal planning for an entire week, everything is prepared in advance all I needed to do is defrost.
  • Truly “eating”, well drinking, on the go and having the luxury of sipping on dinner in bed while furiously typing away on my laptop.
  • Reintroducing me to a healthy lifestyle, starting the day with lemon water which kick starts digestion and cleanses the system and no skipping meals especially breakfast
  • Dropping those few extra kilos was a nice by product but not the aim of the cleanse

Price We try to run pretty frugal household so R272 per person a day is a high average for five days. But if I calculate the time it takes us to grab lunch or pack lunch, plan and cook dinner, pack the dishwasher, the electricity cost etc – it isn’t a bad price to pay at all.


  • I felt like I (personal preference) needed more variety in juice combinations, although two juice combination regimes are alternated there are overlaps of juices daily, the Bliss, and my palate was a bit bored by it.
  • The Boost which is all green vegetables, no fruit or lemon, is one bitter pill to swallow. I couldn’t get through half of my day 4 boost.
  • The average price per juice is R50 which is higher than buying them a la carte from the store, which is easy for me because it’s across the road from my office.

Favourites The Recharge it’s an invigorating combination of Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon and Ginger.

About Juiced Co, their juices are:

  • 100% natural (no additives or stabilisers)
  • Cold pressed
  • Blast frozen to retain the freshness & nutrients

See full details on the website Juiced Co

Have you every tried a juice cleanse let me know what your experience was?

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