In The Kitchen

I was in Cape Town for a wedding weekend before last and managed to pop into The Kitchen in Woodstock. Unfortunately due to my lack of planning it was sans my copy of A week in the Kitchen.
The feel is very homely and so inviting, and as patrons came in and out it really felt like Cheers without the booze of course.

Karen was in and out of the kitchen to greet & have a quick chat with patrons whilst the lunch salad offering was being prepared. Lunch for me was the five salads with slices of turkey and homemade cranberry sauce. Absolutely delish! Hearty, healthy and uber tasty!

Rounded off with perfectly mild latte.

Next time you’re in Cape Town make a turn at The Kitchen, especially if you’re vegetarian.

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Hi I'm Thando Creator of the Jozi Foodie Fix, traveller, foodwriter, ramen lover, strategist, entrepreneur and follower of the Cool based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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