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As you know I love Braamfontein, one of my favourite lunch spots there (at a great price point) is Love Food Cafe. I’ve featured it on the Jozi hitlist & in the if you’re in Braamfontein series which I’ve just started. I just couldn’t help myself I had to get to know more about Jamie of Love Food Cafe and share her with you. She’s super friendly and welcoming that translates directly into the feeling you get as soon as you enter the cafe.

Courtesy: http://lovefoodkitchen.com

Tells us about the journey to opening Love Food catering was born in 2010 
My journey began when I was in high school, I fell in love with food and flavours and decided to go to cooking school. The catering business came about in 2010, I had just returned from London and was unsure what to do with my career and that was how ‘love food’ was born.

What is your vision for Love Food? 
My vision is to get people to love my food, to enjoy my café and obviously I want to grow the concept.

When was Love Food Cafe opened? and why the move from catering to including deli and cafe? 
‘love food’ opened 27 August 2012. I wanted my own space, my own identity, I was doing the catering business from home, it felt like a hobby and not like my business. By adding deli and café I covered all the bases in that I also wanted to sell my muesli, rusks, sauces and my own selected blend of coffee.  

What has been your biggest success? and what has been your greatest learning or challenge? 

Opening my cafe is my biggest success thus far. My greatest learning curve and challenge was living and working in London, working in Recruitment – 18 hours a day as a recruiter and staff manager.

What is the Love Food approach to food: sourcing produce, cooking and eating? 
‘love food’  approach is: FRESH, raw, seasonal and tasty! I want people to feel as if they are coming to my home and having a home cooked, fresh and comforting meal.

Other than Love Food of course, what is favourite Jozi eatery?  
I love owner run eatery’s. Places where I can feel the  passion of the owner in the preparation of the food. Such as Nice, Possoms, Voodoo Lily, Bellinis, Moemas, Salvation Café, Service Station…..

What is your favourite eatery in South Africa? 
Ile de Pain in Knysna

What is on your foodie must eat before I die wishlist/ bucket list? 

If you could pick one meal to eat for the rest of your life what would it be? 
Peanut butter on toast 

Describe yourself in a dish. 
A Hot Lamb Curry, fiery but tender 😉 hahaha

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