Croque Monsieur at Post in Braamfontein

As the winter chill truly settles in I find myself yearning for a soulful meal to break my fast every morning, so once a week I treat myself to a Croque Monsieur.  The iconic french ham and cheese toastie. My office local in Braamfontein is Post so I am sated with their version, which is not a classic croque monsieur in the sense that it isn’t topped with cheese neither does it have béchamel sauce or gruyere cheese. BUT it is a classic in the sense it has stood the test of the coldest days this winter and has delivered much needed comfort, warmth and satisfaction.

Post Croque Monsieur

Walk into the hipster owned Braamfontein spot and order at the counter Croque Monsieur. It will be delivered to your table piping, just out the griddle, hot!

I shamefully always say it phonetically Crock Mon Sir, then the exact next second remember the correct pronunciation is Crock Miss Sir. – It happens every time and I order this sammich once a week.

Buttered slices of crusty ciabatta slathered with mustard (tastes like Dijon to me) sandwiching slices of smoked cheddar and country ham, then toasted. It’s served warm with smoked cheddar oozing out of it, but wait don’t be too eager else you might burn your tongue.


Special mention: Best breakfast in Braamfontein, with an exceptional price point for high quality seasonal made with love fare.


072 248 2078

70 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa

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