Copenhagen Pt1 (parks, nuts, bars and beer)

I spent my first weekend in Europe in Copenhagen, which is a city filled with tall blondes and I’m the antithesis petite (code word for short) and dark skinned. So I was like a tiny munchkin walking around the wonderful city. And it is a walking city, ok honestly it’s a cycling city but unfortunately if there’s one thing I can’t do is cycle.

It was warm in Copenhagen so everyone was out in the parks. And in the squares which were filled with buskers, these guys were playing latin tunes.  I spent 30 minutes sitting on the square (not at a cafe on the actual square) listening along with tourists and locals and parted with a few coins as thanks.
During the days I was all about snacking and eating on the go. I mean here at home we drive everywhere, so I needed to keep nourished, energised and hydrated for all the walking I was doing.

Excuse the less than flattering photo but taking pics while walking and eating is a tricky business. You find food stands everywhere that sell these so I assumed it must be the local thing to eat. A roll with the top end cut off, mustard and tomato sauce (ketchup) squeezed in and then the bacon wrapped pork sausage stuffed inside. It’s a tasty although slightly salty snack.

 For snacks I found a great stand that sold nuts and dried fruit. There were dried figs, dates glazed orange segments and so many varieties of nuts.

Dried fruit and nut seller
My first night I tried something that I have only tried once before, BEER. There is a big bar culture and everyone drinks beer so when in Copenhagen bottoms up. I found that I enjoyed Tuborg because it had a strong bitter taste, which I enjoyed well into the night and the days that followed at the many bars, and along the harbour in the afternoon.
Downstairs bar

Now that I’m back home I decided to stop being a snob and try a beer. I’ve found that Pilsner Urquell tastes quite similar to Turborg. I’m not sure I’m a converted beer drinker but I can have a beer, two or three for the best of them, I think. Well feel free to invite me to have one or recommend others to try.

Tak! (Thanks)

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