• The Plettenberg so picturesque

    A couple of weekends ago we were treated to a weekend away in Plettenberg.  This was the 1st time I had been back since my teens, and went with no expectations. Well I came back to Jozi, reinvigorated and blown away … Continue reading
  • Spier Secret Festival

    Last year I set myself two goals in the food space To do more speaker engagements – as a build up to the TEDx piece I have floating around in my head. To attend the Spier Secret Festival 29 – … Continue reading
  • Overture – food that whispers sweetly to my spirit

    I have discovered my favourite restaurant in South Africa. I mentioned my experience at Overture in the 72 hours in Cape Town post (see it here). Overture on Hidden Valley Stellenbosch has a spectacular view matched by the beautifully plated Modern South African cuisine. … Continue reading
  • Alida Ryder my go to food blogger

    Have you ever had a moment where you’re leaving the office and have no clue what to make for dinner? I have those moments more often than I’d like to admit to in recent times (read the last year). After … Continue reading
  • The Counter Love Box available countrywide

    If you’re a Jozi Foodie Fix reader or follow me on social media you would have heard of The Counter. I’ve also written about their burgers here and used them for gifting here. This is an actual Jozi Foodie Fix co-sign. I am putting you on … Continue reading
  • Sarah Graham’s Home – food from my kitchen

    Sarah Graham’s third cookbook found it’s way to my door, via stealthy PR peeps of course, a couple of weeks ago. It then travelled with me on a weekend away to Cape Town and to Dullstroom, where I finally had time … Continue reading
  • 72 hours in Cape Town the ultimate foodie guide

    I was in Cape Town for my birthday weekend two weekends ago, as those of you who follow me on Instagram know, and I had one of the best overall food experiences in the city to date. Now I wish … Continue reading
  • Street Food Festival in Johannesburg

    The Street Food Festival finally comes to Johannesburg on Saturday 1 August 2015 and I am one of the speakers at their Food Entrepreneur Conference. What is street food? Street food is ready-to-eat food or drink sold in a street or other public … Continue reading
  • Juiced Co 5 day juice cleanse

    I have had a particularly trying two weeks and have to say have not been feeling myself, quite fatigued which does not bode well as I head toward my 32nd birthday. I felt like I need to shake up my routine … Continue reading
  • Croque Monsieur at Post in Braamfontein

    As the winter chill truly settles in I find myself yearning for a soulful meal to break my fast every morning, so once a week I treat myself to a Croque Monsieur.  The iconic french ham and cheese toastie. My office … Continue reading
  • Chicky Cheese burger at Mr Big Stuff Braamfontein

    If you happen to be in Braamfontein Johannesburg and craving a chicken burger. I have found a crispy, crunchy yet oh so succulent chicken fillet topped with a just slightly melting slice of cheese and a slathering of sweet chilli sauce … Continue reading
  • Whisky Wednesday – Singleton Theatre of Taste

    Finally the night arrived! Singleton and Eat Design bring Dufftown and Tailfire inspired taste installations to Johannesburg. On the night of 29 April 2015 a mix of whisky aficionados, musos and the who’s who of Jozi’s creative scene walked into the Market on Main space … Continue reading
  • Please sir may I have some more Potato Soup

    I would love to win with the Hot Potato Blogger Challenge because potatoes have been a staple in my life. I remember my grandmother using potatoes to lengthen curries, bredies and stews, with the piles of potato peels tossed into … Continue reading
  • Ultimate warm potato salad

    I would love to win with the Hot Potato Blogger Challenge because this salad is everything! It started out as an idea of a warm nicoise salad which is one of my favourites and then I thought how could I … Continue reading
  • A Cup of Tea at Foundry Parktown North

    Let me introduce you to a striking yet subtle Gin tipple found in a gastropub in Parktown North. You’ll find it on the Aperitifs menu, it’s pink with South Africa’s very own Fynbos botanicals infused Inverocche gin as the star. This pink tipple … Continue reading
  • My best slice at Casalotti’s

    I was approached by the team at Casalotti’s to design a pizza for their Pizza Club, I mean who can say no to that?! It got me thinking about what is the essence of a good pizza for me? When it … Continue reading
  • I am an African

    This week the heightening of Xenophobia and the attacks on fellow Africans in KZN and Johannesburg has brought on a lot of shame and sense of helplessness for me as a South African. Simultaneously I am also appalled and outraged … Continue reading
  • Ottolenghi’s Roasted Figs with Pomegranate Molasses & Orange Zest

    I love figs the deep purple or succulent green exterior, red center that’s sweet but subtly savoury – or is that just me?! This post could essentially stop there, I can eat a fig in any form as is split … Continue reading
  • He said: Jozi Foodie Fix cooks Spier Secret Courtyard

    As you all know I hosted a Spier Secret Dinner which was featured in the March issue of Woolworths Taste Mag. The menu was inspired by my family’s traditional seven colours Sunday lunch with a twist of course! The night was exhilarating, … Continue reading
  • Life: Make sure it inspires

    This past weekend was filled with much needed quality time with myself, I have been feeling exhausted of late and it’s only MARCH! I have that October exhaustion feeling, so I decided to consciously switch off, focus on cleansing, recharging … Continue reading
  • Eggslut Downtown Los Angeles

    I was quite intrigued by the name of this egg eatery Eggslut when I was in LA last July. I stumbled across Eggslut on Joy Cho’s blog Oh Joy! (visit her blog here) It’s my go to blog for all … Continue reading
  • Flight of fancy – travel fix on a budget

    Travel is one of my passions, as you probably know. As a child I loved reading, especially books that stretched the imagination like Aladdin. Imagining a world where a magic lamp, genie and flying carpets exists a world in the East that … Continue reading
  • Love Milo mugs and Arcade Fire

    This is a flashback to 2011 I think, I’ve had a version of this post sitting in my draft box for that long. I know, I know! The previous version went into details describing the then BF, so I just … Continue reading
  • Tipple Tuesday – Sandton Craft Beer Fair 7 March 2015

    The boyfie has spent a week in the UK, of course has come back with a revived everyday love of the pint. This revived love for the pint is just in time for the Sandton Craft Beer Fair this weekend. … Continue reading
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