My best slice at Casalotti’s

I was approached by the team at Casalotti’s to design a pizza for their Pizza Club, I mean who can say no to that?! It got me thinking about what is the essence of a good pizza for me? When it came down to it I have two main criteria; it has to have a thin base that is crisp, and good quality mozzarella. I’m also a creature of habit which means I generally order either a four seasons or verdure with anchovies to test a new establishment.

This made choosing my very own pizza a bit challenging especially because it felt like my one chance to be creative while stepping out of my comfort zone and the options were endless. I have even more appreciation for chefs that edit themselves constantly when conceptualising menus and especially seasonal menu.

I eventually decided I wanted to focus on something comforting, especially with the winter chill creeping in,  a finger licking, lip smacking good pizza. Obviously that meant spare ribs. The end result is the aptly named (if I do say so myself) Lip Smacker with:

  • a tomato sauce base,
  • Mozzarella
  • smoky pork spare ribs
  • Sweet caramelised onion
  • garlic because no pizza is complete without garlic
  • chilli to add some spice
  • Sundried tomatoes for a little tang
  • and topped with fresh peppery rocket.

CasaBlogger_Thando Moleketi-01

Now the fiance (I can’t call him boyfie anymore) says that this pizza brought over to the Casalotti’s dark side especially since he can order it on a cauliflower base. Yes, they have banting friendly cauli option and gluten-free options. We’ve ordered this once a week since the 1st of May once for lunch in a park and twice for dinner because it really is that good! Our closest Casalotti’s is the Parkwood branch where the service is friendly, and efficient. We call and collect but they also offer delivery.

The sweet, salty, tangy, garlicky combo delivers everything I want from a take away or a cheat day. I made a dope pizza, it may be the best ever!

DSC_0262-2 DSC_0259-1It is available for a limited time only so before we reach the end of May do pop into your nearest Casalotti’s (see where they are here) and try the Lip Smacker, let me know what you think. What would you put on your perfect pizza?

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