All in a day’s work

My “9 to 5” is handling the Marketing and Operations of Zwipit South Africa, which is in fact a little more than 9 to 5 but it is fulfilling! It’s also my first true venture into Entrepreneurship and my second go at the Start Up environment. To maintain balance in my life at around 10pm in the evening I make a conscious choice to sit down take my watch and earrings off grab a mag, usually a food mag and decompress over a cup of tea.

When I have an article deadline this is usually the time I dedicate to writing. I do always keep a notebook by my bed side as well in case the perfect collection of words come to me in a dream. Yesterday evening, I decided to take a picture of my desk where I spent an hour (note the hour glass, it’s timed) reading the latest March 2015 issue of Tatse mag and penning a few words for my next article. If you follow Jozi Foodie Fix on Instagram then you’ve seen this already



What do you do to decompress?

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Hi I'm Thando Creator of the Jozi Foodie Fix, traveller, foodwriter, ramen lover, strategist, entrepreneur and follower of the Cool based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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