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Have you ever had a moment where you’re leaving the office and have no clue what to make for dinner? I have those moments more often than I’d like to admit to in recent times (read the last year). After a day filled with decision making, I find I’m too spent to think up a recipe. This is exactly where Alida comes in.

Simply Delicious is my go to everyday meal food blogger, 2nd is Gordon’s Youtube channel. Besides sharing a love for all things David Chang, Alida makes seriously good food I want to eat and recipes that are based on ingredients I have in my pantry any given day like the vegetable burrito bowls (see recipe here). These vegetable burrito bowls have become a staple on our weekly menu. The only thing we add is sriracha hot chili sauce on the top, which you can find at Woolworths.

I started out using Simply Delicious as my go to baking blog over two years ago and after many successes including her luscious lemon cake recipe which I pair with her white chocolate sour cream icing from this recipe, its a must try! I decided to use simply delicious more regularly and this has resulted in me looking forward to the weekly email with the details of her most recent blog post.

Slice of lemon cake with Valhrona white chocolate and sour cream icing

Slice of lemon cake with Valhrona white chocolate and sour cream icing

I also have a copy of Alida’s first cookbook Simple & Delicious, which as the title alludes is packed with both simple and delicious recipes. Recipes for every season, for everyday to be precise – it’s a wonderful combination of International and South African cuisine influenced recipes. One of my favourites from the book is the Huevos Rancheros eggs cooked in a tomato sauce, yes I love because it is so close to my Shashuka favourite. I am still to try her gran’s pumpkin fritters in caramel sauce.

Do yourself a favour and head over to Simply Delicious, seriously, she saves my foodie arse quite a few times in the week, with delicious, accessible food that the fiance loves. Her repertoire includes recipe development and amazing food photography for Woolies. You’ll thank me later!

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