A winter frolic in The Overberg – Gifting

I wanted to thank my friends for taking the time and money out to spend a weekend with me to celebrate my 31st. I decided to gift them something that’s a reminder of the winter frolic, useful and has a touch of Thando. The Thank You gift was a very Thando turn up kit with a pamper kit for recovery.

The pamper kit was a six egg holder with six different made in Swellendam Rain bath eggs. Turn up kit with Jorgensen’s gin tipple and The Counter‘s strawberry cordial.

Rain Bath eggs, Jorgensen's Gin and The Counter's strawberry cordial

Rain Bath eggs, Jorgensen’s Gin and The Counter’s strawberry cordial


Happy Gifting!

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Hi I'm Thando Creator of the Jozi Foodie Fix, traveller, foodwriter, ramen lover, strategist, entrepreneur and follower of the Cool based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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