A home away from home in Amsterdam thanks to airbnb

As I mentioned in my Hello Amsterdam and Istanbul post (see it here) I treated myself to a trip to Amsterdam and Istanbul for my 30th birthday in July 2013. I decided I want to live as a resident would in Amsterdam and not in a hotel, in comes airbnb. Note that I was a first time airbnb user. It’s really intuitive and simple to use, choose a place to stay and book it!

The key to airbnb is identifying the city, along the area you’d like to live in and then READ the reviews. Thanks to the great reviews I ended up choosing to stay with Thomas, Flavia and their little dog Sam near the beautiful Rembrandt Park in Amsterdam. Thomas and Flavia are wonderful hosts, warm, welcoming and accommodating. If you have a problem or need any help especially directions (I can be directionally challenged) they’re always willing to help. It was like I was living with friends, I felt totally at ease. See Thomas’ profile on airbnb here.

View from the room

The apartment is in a quiet neighbourhood, but still easy to get around the rest of the city from by bicycle (I can’t cycle) or bus and tram which were my preferred modes of transport. The room is spacious, clean and sunny with a large window. It also has a desk and wifi should you need to work which I did!

Orchid in the room

A wonderful breakfast laid out every morning including muesli, yoghurt, a selection of bread, cheese and charcuterie. Flavia is a barista so that means amazing morning cappuccinos. 
Amsterdam breakfast thanks to Flavia

 It all came in at a great price. Thank you Thomas, Flavia and Sam for a wonderful 5 nights!

Go on try airbnb!


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